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Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Kettlebell Lifting Classes for 2017

Advanced Training Concepts will start Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, as well as continued classes in Kettlebell lifting for 2017.  We will be adding 6 Vulcan Weightlifting Platforms, multiple sets of Vulcan Bumper Plates in competition and training variants, as well as Vulcan Absolute…


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Competition Kettlebells: Absolute Competition Kettlebells from Vulcan Strength

ATC's own Erin Moraites and William Haas are Vulcan Sposored Athletes  and train only with Vulcan Competition Kettlebells.  Her results in 2015 National Championships were achieved using 24 kg Vulcan Absolute kettlebells with 35 mm handle. Her results in her weight class with official regulation size…


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Bring A Friend

For the month's of November and December bring a friend  with you to class.




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The Goofy Lifter

Since 2006, I have been a proud participant of Disney’s Goofy Race and a Half Challenge.  It’s the crazy event where you run a half marathon on Saturday and a full marathon the following day.  I commend the people who log in lots of running miles to prepare for this. This event is just a “fun’ event for me, where I am not trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon or set any records.  It’s all been about finishing the event and celebrating the achievement.


2012 marked the…


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First Competition

Advanced Training Concepts made a great showing at the WKC Long Cycle Championships in NY bringing home several 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placings.  There were many great lifters and teams in attendance and the level of skill and athleticism in American Kettlebell Sport is improving rapidly. Everyone on the team performed well and were highly complimented by  other lifters and coaches on the technique and level of performance displayed.  Please view the links below to see the results and some of…


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Peformanced Based Method Comparison

Today, someone asked about the kb swing that is demonstrated on this site by  Master of Sports and WKC Coach Jessica DiBiase.


They told me that the swing that is depicted here (the way we swing) was not what is depicted in a lot of the youtube "expert" kettlebell videos.  Rather than write a blog about the differences, I thought it best to just use some information already written on the subject by Steve Cotter, International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation.  This was…


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There are no limits in staying in shape!

I am in my fifth month of kettlebell lifting and still enjoying it! I will never forget what a friend told me when I mentioned to her awhile ago that I would get sore from some of the kettlebell sessions. Her assumption was that because I cross trained with running, cycling, yoga and swimming, I should be in good shape and should not experience any…


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Friends and Co-workers Offer



Starting this week I will be offering a Two Week Intro to Kettlebells to Friends and Co-Workers of ATC Members. This offer will expire Feb 14 2011.  Elizabeth Upchurch,CPT, KBC Kettlebell Instructor will be instructing the intro classes primarily.  This offer is only open to friends and co-workers of ATC…


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Kettlebell Virgin

In early June of this year, I received an e-mail out of the blue from Cyrus Peterson of Advanced Training Concepts regarding kettlebell training for endurance athletes. He wrote a very appealing message about the sport of kettlebell lifting and its benefits for endurance athletes. I'm usually receptive to trying new things so we corresponded for awhile and set up a Kettlebell Introduction Seminar for the Charlotte Track and…


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Elite Fitness Protocol and Kettlebell Competition Training

The Elite Fitness Protocol will be starting this wee

k. The class will involve Kettlebell lifting, body weight exercises, and barbell lifting. There is a full description of the class on the website and I have also described it in several previous emails and newsletters. If you don't know what it is or understand it by now then that probably means you shouldn't participate in it.

Competition training will also be performed during the same class. I have also given a full…


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Post Holiday Detox And Cleanse

After the holidays I will be offering a 21 day Jump Start Detox and

Cleanse Nutritional Program. These plans are designed by registered dietitians and are clinically proven. I will also be starting one myself. All plans will include the following: Nutritional Assessment, nine one-on-one personal training sessions, weekly body fat evaluation,weigh in, and body circumference measurement, and multi-vitamins (CLA, Probiotic or Thermogenic supplement). All program participants will take… Continue

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Kristine MacWilliams


Here is Kristine last week before she competed in a swimsuit competition in Greensboro this past weekend. I think she's about 115 lbs or so at 5' 2". Below is her BEFORE Picture at around 148. Kristine and I had a lot of obstacles to overcome in order to get her to this condition. She dislocated her… Continue

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Karen Houston

I want to share this with you. Karen started in the KettleHell BootKamp in May. After 12 weeks of intensive BootKamp training and good nutritional habits here is her story with BEFORE/AFTER pictures:



Cyrus’s KettleHell BootKamp is the… Continue

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The Value of KettleBell Instructor Certification

Yesterday, I was having a discussion with a young lady from Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation. We spoke about the value of certification, education and experience as it relates to fitness instruction. We were discussing this topic because starting Wednesday June 19, 2009 I will be conducting a kettlebell Introduction seminar and boot camp at Park Rd Park in South Charlotte.

When I was younger I used to work on cars, mostly street racing cars. I've done it all from Installing… Continue

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KettleHell BootKamp kicks off April 4th!

It would seem that a kettlebell boot camp may have a place in Charlotte. Within 3 weeks of the start date 35 people have expressed interest in at least trying the boot camp for two weeks free. I have always felt that Charlotte was somewhat lacking in alternative fitness modalities. The YMCA and Peak Fitness as well as other commercial gyms have become the model for fitness in Charlotte. I think this is unfortunate and residents of Charlotte suffer for it.Personal training in Charlotte is fairly… Continue

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