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The Elite Fitness Protocol will be starting this wee

k. The class will involve Kettlebell lifting, body weight exercises, and barbell lifting. There is a full description of the class on the website and I have also described it in several previous emails and newsletters. If you don't know what it is or understand it by now then that probably means you shouldn't participate in it.
Competition training will also be performed during the same class. I have also given a full description of what is involved in competition kettlebell lifting in previous emails, newsletters, and there is also information on this site related to Girevoy sport or competition kettlebell lifting. If the kettlebell bootcamp is too much for you, then quite naturally competition is out of your realm. You must be able to sustain a 10 minute timed set with good form according to regulation, lifts without proper form are not counted, so its more to competition than just getting the weight up any way you can.
As of right now the cost to participate in any of the additional classes is only 10$ a month for existing members. I offered this as an incentive to get people more involved and also offer more classes to accommodate everyone's schedule. Effective Jul 31 a new pricing structure will be implemented and the cost of the additional programs will increase accordingly. Your payment will not increase as long as your membership is active. If you were to quit and then later return you would come in at the new rates. If you wait until July 31st or thereafter and then finally come to the decision that you would like to add more classes the cost will be more than the little 10 bucks that is now.

One thing that you definitely need, especially if you are planning on competing - Shoes. This is why I have people to squat and deadlift barefoot. Regular tennis shoes - especially running shoes and the "shox " type shoes are the absolute worst for lifting (they're really not good for running either truth be told). They offer no lateral stability and they're just too "squishy" for any type of ballistic lifting. Check out the video below, its from VS Athletics a maker of high quality lifting shoes. I also found a video of a guy squatting in some type of "shox" shoe. Most people don't realize how these things look since they really can't see their feet while they squat. Lifting shoes range from around 60$ to almost $200 for the top of the line Addidas shoes worn by Olympic athletes. It's not a lot of money compared to the cost of MRI's, surgery, rehab, and doctors visits from blowing a knee out. The $60 to $70 range shoes should be enough at this level. Check out the videos below. I've also included some links to some other manufacturers that offer good shoes at a low price. Now, this is completely your choice - when I lift, I wear lifting shoes- I like my knees. As far as competition is concerned - you have to want to do it on your own. You have to have a competitive desire and you have to be mentally tough. I cant give you that you'll have to find that for yourself.

Buy VS Athletic shoes here:

These are some the high end lifting shoes here:

**These are the cheapest ones I have found, they're fairly good though

These are around $100 a pair - There's some pink ones on here too for some of you girls and guys that like that:

More Shoes below:

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