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KettleHell BootKamp kicks off April 4th!

It would seem that a kettlebell boot camp may have a place in Charlotte. Within 3 weeks of the start date 35 people have expressed interest in at least trying the boot camp for two weeks free. I have always felt that Charlotte was somewhat lacking in alternative fitness modalities. The YMCA and Peak Fitness as well as other commercial gyms have become the model for fitness in Charlotte. I think this is unfortunate and residents of Charlotte suffer for it.Personal training in Charlotte is fairly lame and predictable with very few trainers actually getting results from their clients and very few clients actually wanting to put in the hard work necessary to achieve the results they are promised. They enthusiastically sign up for the "cookie cutter" style of training that most personal training studios and commercial gyms dole out. A 26 year old women who I recently started training said that she "felt Like a fool" for paying $360 per month for personal training when she hadn't lost 1 pound in 6 months. She would tell her friends that she was working with a trainer and they would just give her a blank stare. The first time I trained her she vomited within 10 minutes. Not that I was pushing her in an unreasonable manner. She told me she had been working with a "trainer" for 6 months so I prescribed an exercise routine based on that information. Unfortunately her so called "trainer" had her doing endless repetitions with light weights and mostly "isolation exercises". She had trained for 6 months and didn't have an iota of knowledge concerning nutrition, or strength training. What was she paying for?

When I told a a few people I was starting a kettlebell boot camp their first response was: Whats a kettlebell? or as one guy said "cattleballs"? I wanted to break out of the mold of conventional training and give people what most training programs lack: Intensity, Proper Nutritional Guidance, Accountability, and a program that would encompass all aspects of physical fitness. I chose the kettlebell as one of my tools due to its ability to holistically train the human body. Its virtually a portable hand-held gym. Someone asked me if a bow-flex was a good piece of equipment...I gave them a kettlebell and told 'em to swing your money.

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