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The Value of KettleBell Instructor Certification

Yesterday, I was having a discussion with a young lady from Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation. We spoke about the value of certification, education and experience as it relates to fitness instruction. We were discussing this topic because starting Wednesday June 19, 2009 I will be conducting a kettlebell Introduction seminar and boot camp at Park Rd Park in South Charlotte.

When I was younger I used to work on cars, mostly street racing cars. I've done it all from Installing transmissions, starters, heads, cams, water pumps, electronic ignitions, nitrous kits, carburetors, you name it. The majority of the things I learned were through experience, basically trial and error. I did actually buy some books that were very helpful as well as watching some television shows on hot rod building. I feel that I'm fairly knowledgeable on cars and basic auto mechanics. But the truth of this story is that I AM NOT a mechanic, I'm not certified by anyone to work on any type of car. The BIG difference between myself and the typical street performance mechanic is: Not only does the mechanic have more actual experience and practical knowledge of auto mechanics, he also has the education and certifications that give him knowledge far beyond what I have. I could possibly hire myself out as a "Shady Tree Mechanic" the guy in the neighborhood that performs minor auto repairs for cash, but that's about it. I doubt very seriously that anyone in their right mind would let me work on their Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus, at least I hope not! Would you? That's a no brainer.

All that being said, why would you let someone who is not certified work on two of your most valuable possessions, your health and body? Does that make sense?

There is great value in proper certification. As a fitness professional, not only do I have the experience of being involved in sports and fitness for over 20 years, but I have the certifications and the knowledge that goes with it. Its very irresponsible for an individual to offer training without proper certification. If you are in search of certified Kettlebell Instructors I would suggest that you check with KBC, RKC, IKFF, AOS, these are the major certifying organizations as related to kettlebell instruction.

Cyrus Peterson
KBC Kettlebell Instructor
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