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Today, someone asked about the kb swing that is demonstrated on this site by  Master of Sports and WKC Coach Jessica DiBiase.


They told me that the swing that is depicted here (the way we swing) was not what is depicted in a lot of the youtube "expert" kettlebell videos.  Rather than write a blog about the differences, I thought it best to just use some information already written on the subject by Steve Cotter, International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation.  This was written in 2007 but it is still relevant to this day.  Give it a read as I'm sure you will see more people doing this type of kettlebell lifting than what we do, even though we are now in 2011!  In all honesty, this is where I started when I first gained knowledge of kettlebell lifting, as in the beginning this was all we knew, but now I view it as poor technique and know for a fact that it is very inefficient and can lead to injury. You can download the PDF Here


Last night during team training some of the team members remarked that some of the newer people seem to be picking up the lifts much quicker than they did.  In all honesty, that is my  doing as well as yours.  As I have now been instructing fitness and weightlifting in general for 13 years, lifting kettlebells myself for 4 years, and specifically instructing kettlebell lifting for 3 years, I have learned more efficient ways to instruct people.  I have learned from teaching you, through professional certifications I have gained over the years,  and also  through my own study and analysis of kettlebell methodology. So for all the people who started with me in 2009 you can thank yourselves for the progress that ATC has made as a group in such a short time!

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